Work from Home Tax Back Claim

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If like many people you now work remotely from home on a hybrid basis or your role is fully remote, you can claim some tax back on your electric, heating and broadband costs. Over the years the percentages you can claim has increased, so when looking at the figures below be aware that you may receive less for earlier years.

Requirements to make a Work from Home tax back Claim

  • Be registered with revenue online
  • Must have paid tax within the year you are making the claim for

**Please note if your employer has paid you a work from home relief you cannot make this claim also**

What documents you will need to make a claim

  1. Electricity Bills
  2. Your heating bills if not electric
  3. Broadband Bill

How to calculate your Work from Home Tax Back

How many days did you work from Home?

For the calculation you need to know how many days you actually worked from home. What cannot be included is your scheduled days off, for example the weekend. Annual leave days, bank holidays or days where you go home from work and do extra hours. If your company has a clock in system it might have this information there. Otherwise, you can use a year calendar and highlight the days you work throughout the year. Scroll down to the end of this post for a free work from home tax back printable that has eventhing you will need to make your claim all laid out for you.

For this example we are going to say you have worked 230 Days.

Electric and Heating Calculation

You will need all your bills for the year, for the period you are making the claim for. Add up the total of all these bills. If you have Oil heating, use the receipts from when you had your tank filled in that year. For this example we are going to use a total figure of €2,533

  • Total x Days Worked – 2,533 x 230 Days = 582,590
  • New Total / 365 – 582,590 / 365 Days = 1,596.14
  • New total x 30% – 1,596.14 x 30% = 478.84
  • Electric & Heating claim will be €478.84

Broadband Calculation

Like the electric and heating, you will need all your broadband bills for the year. The calculation is the same as above, you can claim back 30% of your broadband. For this example the total cost of your broadband for the year is €540.

  • Total x Days Worked – 540 x 230 Days = 124,200
  • New Total / 365 – 124,200 / 365 Days = 340.27
  • New total x 30% – 340.27 x 30% = 102.08
  • Broadband claim will be €102.08

Also dont worry of these calculations seem difficult for you. The revenue website does it for you. All you need to enter is your bill totals and the number of days you worked. This is just to show you how it is calculated.

Claims for different years

2017-2019 – you can only claim for 10% of electric and heating.

2020-2021 – 10% electric and heating, 30% broadband

2022- – 30% electric and heating, 30% broadband

Processing the Claim on Revenue.ie

Before you log onto www.revenue.ie you will need to have copies of all the bills on your device so you can upload these onto revenue. Once you have that done you are ready to start the claim process.

  • Login to revenue.ie
  • My Account
  • Receipt Tracker
  • Add receipt
    • Date on invoice
    • Category – Remote Working
    • Sub Category – Heating/Electricity
    • Total Bill
    • Amount you paid (if shared accommodation and bill is split)
    • Upload the invoice
    • Click Add receipt box
  • Add all invoices, change subcategory to broadband for those invoices
  • Review your tax 2018-2022
  • Tax Year – Select the year you are processing eg 2022
  • Statement of liability, Action Request
  • Scroll down to – Complete your Income Tax Return

Other Revenue Claims you can make

You could also be entitled to other tax back such as the following,

Medical Expenses

Rent Tax Back

Work from Home Tracker (Free printable)

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