House Deposit Savings Tracker Printable


Stay motivated saving for your house deposit with this visual House Fund savings tracker. Colour in a brick as you progress towards your goal.

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Saving for your House Deposit can be hard and tedious. Use this House Deposit Savings Tracker as a visual piece of motivation. Choose your goal amount and divide it by the amount of bricks to get your amount per brick. Each time you add that amount to your savings you colour in a brick. It is so satisfying seeing your progess towards reaching your goal and being ready to being your House buying journey.

You also receive a House Deposit Transaction Log, where you can keep track of the dates and the exact amounts you have saved and a running total.


This is NOT a physical product. You will receive 2 downloadable files.

Check out this video on Youtube where I talk about what you need to know about seeting yourself up to apply for a mortgage.

I wish you all the best in your house saving journey. I love to see your updates using the House Deposit Savings Tracker printable, please tag me on social media so i don’t miss them.


*Please note there are no refunds on this product as it is an imediate download. But if you have any issues please contact me here


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