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I want to share my side hustle income with you. Not just the figures but the actual cash.

I would like to give away 10% of any income I receive from side hustles every month between now and December 2021. This is my way of giving back to you. To say thank you for supporting me.

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I am an advocate of the Sidehustle and have never been one to just sit around. I always liked to have a project on the go. Be it learning something new or a sidehustle earning a few bob. This year I have looked at all areas where I could earn extra streams of income. Since January I have posted details on what I have achieved on this blog. There are 2 Passive Income Reports you can check out. You can see from these reports, these incomes vary from month to month.

August Sidehustle Income

Here is a breakdown of the sidehustle income I have received for the month of August.

Surveys Cashed Out€140€14.00
Mystery Shopping€45€4.50
Excel Budget Template€6€0.60

How did I earn this Income?

Surveys are something I have been doing on and off for a few years now. I have a whole blog posted dedicated to surveys here, if you would like more info on how to get started earning yourself. The main 3 apps I have concentrated on myself this month were YouGov, Mobrog and Attapol. These are great ones to get started with if you are new to surveys.

I finally got selected for Mystery Shopping back in May after 2 years of been signed up. I have been earning on average €50 a month this way since then. It was mainly phone work with car garages, booking in for services and writing up reports at the start. But now that things are opening back up again more opportunities are coming up. Next month is BIG, you won’t want to miss it.

My Excel Budget Template is the budget that I use every month to budget our household income. This is available on Esty for download and it also comes with a video tutorial on how to set it up. It is completely passive income for me so I am going to include it. (I will not be including any income from my business that comes from products)

Passive Income
Excel Budget Template

Do you want to be in with a chance to win 10% of my sidehustle income?

This monthly giveaway is available to all my Subscribers. To be entered into this draw please sign up before Friday the 10th September. On Saturday Morning all subscribers will be entered into the draw. I will be going Live on Youtube on Sunday 12th September @ 9pm to announce the winner and answer any of your questions around getting started with side hustles. What I found was worth the money and what was not.


Ellie xx

Sharing is caring!