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Passive Income

Passive Income Report Q4 2021

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If you would like to know what passive income is. Please have a read of this first post which explains it all. For the regulars lets get into the passive income report for Q4 2021 and close out the year.

Dividend Income Q4 2021

No Big Changes this Quarter. For the months of Oct, Nov and Dec, I received a Total of €3.45. I have broken it down in the table below to show you, what companies I have received payments from, the amount I have invested in that company and the dividend I received. As you can see this is only small amounts. I am only willing to invest what I am willing to lose. If you would like to start investing with an online trading platform. I do recommendend Trading212. If you sign up with this link (AF) you will receive a free share to get you started and so will I.

OctGeneral Electric€45.00€0.03
OctVangard S&P500€53.08€0.20
OctPepsi Co€21.23€0.21
OctCoca Cola€58.73€0.31
DecJohnson & Johnson€103.52€0.69
NoviShares Clean Energy€43.71€0.17
Dec Coca Cola€58.73€0.32
DecProgress Software€39.85€0.13
Q4 Totals3.45
Please note I am not a financial advisor. Please do you own research before you purchase any stocks.

Affiliate Income

Last quarter I was blown away with the income earned from people signing up to use the survey sites. Check out last quarters post here. This Quarter was no different. People were still signing up to the survey sites and I knew why. It is a great way of making a little extra when you have a few minutes spare. All you need is your phone or a computer. If you would like to try your hand at surveys, I have done on blog on My Top 5 Survey Sites.

Back in Q1 you will have seen that I have received some free shares from trading212 the investing platform, mentioned above. From Mar-Sept they closed their refer a friend program. But now in Oct they opened it back up again and one of you lovely people signed up using my link to get your free share. Thank you very much, as I also received a free share, Tilray at a value at the time of €8.99.

So add this to the amount that came from Surveys and my affiliate marketing for this quarter was €338.43

Digital Products

I have just the one digital product available for purchase on Etsy. This is the monthly excel budget that I use to set up my budget and track my spending every month. I have been changing and tweeking this spreadsheet over many years to get it right. If you would like to start budgeting on excel I would highly recommend this Template. It also comes with a video tutorial to walk you through setting up your first budget.

Image of the exel Household Budget

This quarter I sold 4 Excel Budgets. I am honestly so grateful for each sale.

€6.00 x 4 Sales is a Total of €24.00

Passive Income Totals for 2021

Dividends €3.45 , Affilates €338.43, Digital Products €24.00……Total Earned in Q4 is €365.88

*Please note this is income before taxes are paid. This income is subject to tax and prsi.

Having tracked this passive income for the year and seeing the figures has completely surprised me. This blows me away that all these little things I have being doing have added up to nearly €1k. This breaks down to €79.83 a month. Ok, so not handing in your notice at work money, but still money. What could an extra €80 a month get you? For me it would pay for my LPT €28.67, Alarm €27.90 and both mine and my husbands mobile phone €21.98.

Would you like me to continue to do these quarterly updates in 2022?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Passive income Report Q4. Hopefully you can get some ideas from these blog posts to start earning some passive income for yourself.

Ellie xx

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