Passive Income Q2 2021
Passive Income

Passive Income Report. Q2 2021

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This is now the second Passive Income Report I am about to share with you. If I was to look back at this quarter last year, I am 100% up already, as last year I was earning zero. Last year, I had all these plans, oh so many plans but not much action. When I got out of my own way, things started coming together and this year is going well. I am looking forward to looking back on these reports in the future and seeing the comparisons. I hope to see these figures grow each year, for now though, let’s look back over the last 3 months and see what income I have earned passively….

If you would like to know what passive income is. Please have a read of this first post which explains it all.

Dividend Income Q2 2021

I receive a very small amount of dividend income for stocks that I have invested in on the trading app Trading212. For the months of April, May and June, I received a Total of €1.50. I have broken it down in the table below to show you, what companies I have received payments from, the amount I have invested in that company and the dividend I received. As you can see this is only small amounts. I am only willing to invest what I am willing to lose.

AprilGeneral Electric€45.00€0.03
MayiShares Clean Energy€45.21€0.14
JuneJohnson & Johnson€103.52€0.54
JuneUnilever (New Purchase)€30.81€0.27
JuneProgress Software€39.85€0.15
Q2 Totals€289.02€1.50
Please note I am not a financial advisor. Please do you own research before you purchase any stocks.

Affiliate Income

Last quarter I had received some income in the form of free shares from the App Trading212. This was through an affiliate link I had with them. If you signed up to the app with my link you received and a free share and so did I. But unfortunately they are not currently accepting new sign ups, so I have not earned any income from that this quarter. So the total earned from affiliate income is a big fat €0

This is completely fine, but it really shows you that this is not income that you can rely on. Once a company stops the program that income is no longer available to you. Even if a program hasn’t stopped, passive income can fluctuate a lot from month to month and can also be very seasonal depending on the products you are working with.

Digital Products

I am going to call digital products, passive income. The digital product that I have available is the Excel Monthly Budget. This did take hours of work. To perfect the spreadsheet, film and edit the video tutorial, all that did take time. But now that it is all set up, I have nothing more to do. Once a budget is purchased, I get a notification. The file for the spreadsheet and the video tutorial is automatically sent to the buyer. They receive the files instantly.

Passive Income

I launched this product in the month of April. For the first 3 months I have sold 16 Budget Spreadsheets. These are for sale for €8.50. Included in this price is Etsy fees. Due to these fees I receive around €6 per sale. Also to note this money goes direct into the business account and is reinvested back into the business. It is currently going towards producing The Daily Life Planner which will be for sale in September. Follow me on Instagram for regular updates on Planner.

€6.00 x 16 Sales is a Total of €96.00

Passive Income Totals for 2021

Dividends €1.50 , Affilates €0, Digital Products €96.00……Total Earned in Q2 is €97.50

*Please note this is income before taxes are paid. This income is subject to tax and prsi.

Even though it all seems like little bits here and there but looking at the total, that is an extra €190.16 that I wouldn’t have unless I started looking at passive income as an option of extra income for us. Now lets see what Q3 has in store for us.

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