• Budgeting

    Start Preparing for Back to School

    If you haven’t started preparing already for Back to School thats ok your here now and I am going to set you up to be ready for those costs when they start arriving. As always we are going to start with a list. Who doesn’t need an excuse for a list? Back to School Supplies List Start with the most ovbious, School fees, Books, Uniforms, coats, Track suits, backpack, etc….. Now look at that list and see if there is anything you can cross off it. School bags, does it really need to be replaced or are we doing it because all the kids will have new bags. If the…

  • €10 meal plan

    €10 Meal Plan Challenge

    This week I was asked to be part of a challenge with 3 other Irish Youtubers. To make a full meal plan for a week with €10. I was in, no asking me twice. I love a good challenge. Can you guess I might be just a little bit competitive. The contents for this post Research for the meal plan The shopping experience What I got for €10 Meals I made for the week for €10 Summary on the whole experience Other participants in the €10 Meal Plan Challenge 1. Research for the €10 Meal Plan Whats great is we can now look up the prices in different shops without…

  • Budgeting

    Cutting your bills without Cutting your Lifestyle

    Following on from an article I was featured in thejournal.ie . Cutting your bills can be achieved, without resourcing to extreme frugal methods. Let me show you how. You can switch providers and still receive the same service but at a better price. Cutting your bills – Electric and Gas Starting with the bill with the biggest opportuinity for savings, your Electric Bill. Energy providers do not provide any discounts for being a loyal customer. After you come out of contract on your first year you lose your sign up discounts. By staying with your current provider you are missing out on the opportunity of getting those new customer sign…

  • Passive Income
    Budgeting,  Passive Income

    Passive Income Report. How much did i earn in Q1 2021?

    In 2021, I began to look at passive income and if this was something i could do. I started putting some wheels in motion to see where it would take me. Now i have put together a passive income report for the first quarter of 2021. So first of all…… What is passive Income? Passive income is when you earn income with little to no effort from you. The most common phrase used in connection with passive income is “Earn money while you sleep“. Isn’t this a lovely thought. But what if you could? Could i actually earn money while i slept? What are some forms of Passive Income? I’m…

  • Cash Binders in many colours

    Cash Envelope System

    I started using the cash envelope system way back before I even knew this was a budgeting method. It began back in 2010 when I first moved out of home into my own place. I was a young professional just moved into an apartment in the city centre and I was loving life, a little too much. Every month I struggled to pay my rent and electricity, not because I didn’t earn enough. But because I just didn’t manage my money well at all. On a night out I would just keep tapping my card, not paying attention at all to how much I was spending. Something had to change.…