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5 Best Survey Sites to Make Money

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What are survey apps and how can I make money?

Market research companies and ad agencies set up survey sites/apps. They need participants to give their honest feedback in surveys. They could need anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand participants for each survey project they are working on and this is where you come in. You can sign up to many survey sites, give your opinion and start earning money. So these are my choice of the 5 best survey sites to make money.

While it can be a fun side hustle and you can make extra cash. You would not earn enough to consider giving up the day job. Most surveys you can earn anything from 10c to €5. Each site also has a payout threshold. This is the amount of money you need to have banked in your account before you can cashout. Therefor you would need to do multiply surveys to reach that cashout amount, although referring friends can also help you reach the thresholds a little quicker.

How can I get started making money on survey sites?

Survey sites are very easy to set up. You can set them up on your mobile phone and be good to go in minutes. You can also, often get starting offers if you sign up using a referral link. Below is a list of the 5 best survey sites I have been using. I’ll first list out the sites and below I will go into more detail about each one. There is also a bonus one if you stick around till the end.

*Full Disclaimer, some of these links are refer a friend/affiliate links. I will receive a small amount of payment by way of points or cash.

5 of the Best Survey Sites to make money

  1. YouGov –
  2. Attapol –
  3. Mobrog –
  4. SurveyTime –
  5. Prolific –


This is my No.1 choice. The app is very nice and easy to use. The surveys I find interesting and they are quiet short. Sign up Here

The Pros

  • Pays out to your bank account in either €10 (1500pts) or €25 (3000pts) cashouts
  • Cashouts received in bank account the next day, so fast.
  • Surveys are very quick and interesting
  • Refer a friend. For every friend who completes 6 surveys you receive 200pts.

The Cons

  • Surveys can be for as little as 25pts as they are short
  • Surveys are not as regular as other sites
  • Can take time to build up to cash out


This is my 2nd choice as it is an all round great app. Nice clean interface with regular surveys. Sign up here.

The Pros

  • Plenty of surveys available
  • You can cash out to revolut or Paypal, Payment is Instant.
  • Low cashout threshold of €3.00
  • Surveys range from 2mins up to 20mins
  • Refer a friend. you receive 10% of the amount of your friends surveys.

The Cons

  • You can get timeout half way through the long surveys
  • The longer surveys can be a bit repetitive with the questions


Mobrog is one of the first sites I signed up to years ago. I stopped using it for along time, maybe over a year and when I logged back in I still had a balance their waiting to be cashed out. So i completely trust this app. Sign up here.

The Pros

  • Cash out to paypal or vouchers at €5
  • Decent payment per survey
  • Refer a friend. Every referral that completes 3 surveys you recieve 80c
  • Has been around for years

The Cons

  • sometimes it takes a few hours to update your balance after you complete a survey


Surveytime is a new one for me and so far I am loving it. All surveys are $1 so straight forward.

The Pros

  • Payment of $1 sent directly to paypal once the survey is completed
  • Surveys sent to you by email – click link and start survey
  • Surveys everyday
  • Affilate program for everyone – $1 if a person signs up and completes 1 survey

The Cons

  • They dont have an app (not that I can find)


This is the best paying survey site that i can find. These surveys are very different from the others. Sign up here

The Pros

  • Very well paid surveys, easy cash out to paypal
  • The surveys are so interesting, some have been so fun. Some have been games
  • Oppourtunity to do follow on surveys or tasks for higher payouts
  • Well trusted site

The Cons

  • Most surveys can only be done on a desktop
  • Chrome Extention to alert of survey but not usually quick enough
  • Surveys are full very quickly
  • No refer a friend or affilate program

Bonus – StoRewards

And for finding out the 5 best survey sites to make money, I have a bonus referral for you. This is not a survey site but you can earn points and cash them out to paypal or for vouchers.

This is a receipt scanning app. When you shop in Aldi or Lidl you can upload a photo of your receipt and earn points, Its as simple as that.

Extra bonus you can refer a friend too to receive extra points. Whats not to love about this little app. Start here to receive you bonus sign up points.

How much money have I made using survey sites.

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